A sustainable community cultivates collaboration. It engages all facets of society in working together for the benefit of the whole, a culture that encourages innovation, sharing of resources, and shared accountability for results.”

Green Networks

“Perhaps the biggest barriers to building a sustainable community are political, not technological. By working with partners–public sector, nonprofit, not-for-profit, and in commerce–we can offer actionable tasks, ideas, products and services to sustain a living city.”

Our partner network includes:
Community Gardens
Riverside Community Garden Council. A Coalition of Community Gardens at public parks, schools, faith centers, fields and neighborhoods. GROW WITH US!
Tequesquite Community Garden. A neighborhood garden located in Bonaminio Park. The garden is open to all Riverside residents. For membership and plot information, contact Pat Silvestri at silvestri.pat@gmail.com.

Neighborhood Groups
Neighborhood Partnership

Green Organizations and Committees
Green Accountability Performance Committee

Food Organizations
Riverside Food Systems Alliance
Riverside Food Co-op

Transportation Organizations
Neighborhood Transportation Caucus