Our Mission, Vision and Goals

The Mission of the Wood Streets Green Team is to promote sustainable living among our neighborhood and Riverside residents. Our Vision is for Riverside to be a sustainable community. Our goals are to:

  • Advocate for a city-wide sustainability strategy
  • Increase the wellness level of Riverside residents
  • Promote energy and water conservation
  • Promote the expansion and utilization of non-automobile transportation options
  • Foster collaborative community networks to link different sustainability efforts
  • Provide educational opportunities and resources to community residents

What is a “sustainable community”?

StarCommunityFrom the STAR Communities website (www.starcommunities.org):
Sustainability is different for every community, but the common elements are a healthy environment, a strong economy and the well-being of the people living in the community. The STAR Community Rating System is based around the following characteristics.

A sustainable community thinks and acts systematically. It takes a systems perspective, considers the broader implications before embarking on specific projects rather than default to short-term, piecemeal efforts.

A sustainable community instills resiliency. It possesses a strong capacity to respond to adversity swiftly, creatively and effectively.

A sustainable community fosters innovation. It captures opportunities and responds to challenges, and cultivates a spirit of proactive problem solving to enable the risk-taking inherent in innovation.

One vision of a Green Riverside, an alternative transportation statement.

One vision of a Green Riverside, an alternative transportation statement as part of a WSGT advocacy position draft.

A sustainable community redefines progress. It measures progress by improvements in health and well-being using a broad set of indicators instead of focusing on GDP (throughput of dollars).

A sustainable community lives within means. It stewards natural resources so future generations have as many opportunities as we do today, also recognizing that resources exist for the benefit of life other than human.

A sustainable community cultivates collaboration. It engages all facets of society in working together for the benefit of the whole, a culture that encourages innovation, sharing of resources, and shared accountability for results.

A sustainable community ensures equity. It allocates resources and opportunities fairly so that all people can thrive in it, actively eliminating barriers to full participation in community life and correcting past injustices.

A sustainable community embraces diversity. It fosters ethnic, cultural, economic, and biological diversity and encourages multiple approaches to accomplish a goal.

A sustainable community inspires leadership. It provides leadership through action and results, recognizing its opportunity to effect change with practices that serve as an example to emulate.

A sustainable community continuously improves. It engages in continuous discovery, rediscovery, and invention as it learn more about the impacts of its actions, tracks both performance and outcomes, is alert for unintended consequences, and modifies strategies based on observed results.

The Wood Streets

Map of Riverside Neighborhoods

Map of Riverside Neighborhoods

The Wood Streets Neighborhood is one of the 26 beautiful neighborhoods that make up the great City of Riverside. The Wood Streets Green Team is a member of the Riverside Neighborhood Partnership and are proud to partner with fellow Wood Streets neighborhood groups to improve the quality of life in our city:

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