2 Sustainable Practices from a Hotel des Hollines in Rwanda

After staging in Philly (or rather Cherry Hill, South Jersey), I was whisked away to JFK to leave through Brussels Airline for Kigali, Rwanda via Brussels. Upon arriving in the Kigali, I was amazing by the bright white city lights (nearly all the lights are CFL’s or LED’s). There was not a single candesence bulb glow in sight. We arrived to our very upscale hotel and immediately sat down for dinner and other niceties. Then we went into our rooms.


Upon entering the bathroom, I first noticed the first sustainable practice when getting ready for a nice shower. Instead of always having a gas thermostat on, the Hotel des Hollines had a water heater which you would turn on before your shower if you wanted hot water. This hopefully would save in electricity costs of always maintaining hot water. (I saw this also in Egypt). Even more sustainable are the next generation solar thermal water heating which is the most energy efficient way of using the solar rays.


Finally when settling down for bed, I automatically reached for my phone to put it on its charger (as most millennials do), when I noticed that the phone was not charger. Plug outlets in Rwanda have a build in on/off switch to prevent the circuits and wires from unused appliances from using electricity!


A bientot,
Taher Bhaijee

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