May 16, 2015

To the Members of the Riverside City Council


The Wood Streets Green Team (WSGT) strongly endorses the city’s adoption of the Riverside Food Systems Alliance’s (RFSA) Food and Agricultural Plan.  Members of the WSGT have been active participants in shaping and developing this plan from the inception.

The Wood Streets Green Team is a five year old neighborhood association that focuses on sustainability.  The association has been active in providing education and advocacy for residents of Riverside and has developed Tequesquite Community Garden in collaboration with the city of Riverside as well as the Riverside Community Garden Council.  Our board members come from various environmental and educational areas including water quality and management, health and wellness, alternative transportation, education (K-12 and university), home and school gardening, culinary arts, food cooperatives, and child development.  All board members have a passion for promoting sustainability and a healthy environment.  Ensuring that there is a comprehensive, well, articulated plan for accessing healthy food, and thus a healthy lifestyle for Riverside, fits well with the WSGT vision and mission.

RFSA’s mission and goals are ambitious but doable with the broad community support and expertise that has been demonstrated in the creation of the Food Policy and Agriculture Plan and Action Steps. Further, a clear commitment and dedication has been demonstrated among the participants in drafting this plan.  It is exciting to see the resulting plan and the promise of its implementation.

It is the desire of the WSGT to actively participate in furthering RFSA’s goals and efforts to facilitate farm to fork activities.  The Wood Streets Green Team wholeheartedly supports the Riverside Food Systems Alliance and encourages the Riverside City Council’s endorsement and adoption of the Food and Agricultural Plan.



Susan Fahrney, MPH

Chair, Wood Streets Green Team

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