WSGT Board Members Justin Scott-Coe and Taher Bhaijee attended the Riverside Co-op Semi Annual Meeting at Arlington Library last Sunday.

Entering the Arlington Library and seeing the ironic orange structure, we entered and were directed by the librarian around the back to the board room with stain glass windows with pictures of Riverside heritage. Many familiar faces fulled the room. The Riverside Food Co-op had a survey results and amazing key financial information.

The Wood Streets Green Team supports the local food movement by participating with in the Riverside Food Co-op. We continue to support their efforts in building a local sustainable economy and a local Riverside food movement.

What is the Riverside Food Co-op? A food co-op is business that is run by the members buy and sell fresh produce together. Currently the Food Co-op runs a monthly crop box from local farmers. Most of their produce come from within 25-50 miles of Riverside.

Currently, the same people who are buying from the Food Coop at people who are in other environmental efforts around the city. The membership is about 100 members strong looking to expand to 300 members. They are planning on hosting coffee dates at members’ houses.

One of our board members, Justin Scott-Coe pledged to host coffee/dinner party at his house to expand the Riverside Food Co-op membership. Stay tuned for more information.

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